About Me

Hi my name is Gareth. I am a self-taught software developer with over 3 years of commercial experience.

The story of how i got into programming is interesting. It was 2018 when I was finishing my Deck officer Cadetship in the Merchant Navy. Knowing I did not want a career at sea and with computers and programming always being an interest for me, I decided to start to learn ‘coding’ in my spare time. I started with Python and quickly learnt the basics. After several months and several Udemy courses later I started applying to jobs and managed to get a job in the industry in early 2019.

Since having my job I have also gone on to learn several technologies in my spare time as Ive found its important to keep your skills up to date. To this date I have worked with Python, Javascript, Several Python Web Frameworks, React, Git, Relational Databases, Docker. I have also deployed some personal projects to the internet using a VPS and nginx to increase my understanding of deployments. Finally in my projects I complete these as per best practices including CI/CD pipelines and plenty of unit tests.

This site is going to be used as a personal portfolio site with links to projects I’ve done. I will also include blog posts of how I solved certain problems to increase my own understanding and to maybe help some people out with their own projects.

If you like any of the articles or you want to suggest an improvement please leave a comment. I also have a CV and contact page if you’d like to directly contact me. Thanks for reading and hope you enjoy the site

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